Salman Saeed Helps Businesses Grow

The secret to the growth of your business whether it's offline or online doesn't only lie in the operations but also in how you feel about the operations. The only way I am able to keep resigning from my comfort zone is a secret that lies within my WHY of what I do and the VISION I wake up every morning with. That is how I help businesses grow. I question their objective and whether it's still there.

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What Salman Can Help You With?

About Salman

Salman is a Digital Marketer who also helps young entrepreneurs and businesses find their WHY and create businesses.


Who am I, and why we need to talk.

I'm a digital marketer, public speaker, mentor, and a community mobilizer. I have diverse expertise in digital tech, startups and digital empowerment including youth. I have been working on emerging technologies and with the entrepreneurial society as well as the corporate sector and governance for about 8 years now.

I'm always on the lookout for new ways to use digital tools and make an impact such as empowering an average citizen with an initiative like Khan Meter. I ran my company in Dubai for the last 5 years but continuously kept working with the people of Pakistan helping them achieve the entrepreneurial mindset. Recently, I shut down my businesses and am back in Pakistan now, strategizing my digitally based ideas to work with the government of Pakistan and other development related organization and keep empowering people.

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